Sell, Sell, Sell! Market Showing Signs Of Recovery For Vendors in 2021

It’s been a hard and fast first half of 2021 for Melbourne’s vendors.

And as one of the best real estate agencies in Melbourne, Melcorp Real Estate has been in the thick of the action.

If you are thinking about selling your property, but have been holding off putting your property for sale in Melbourne, then here are three reasons why you need to consider selling sooner rather than later.

High Clearance Rates

High clearance rates are being reported right across Melbourne for various property types.

With over 1200 auctions taking place every weekend and clearance rates regularly into the 80% bracket, it is clear that demand continues to outstrip demand with reports showing an average of five registered bidders per auction nationally.

Low Interest Rates

With interest rates remaining at record lows and set to stay that way for the foreseeable future, home buyers and investors are stretching even further to get the properties they want. That’s good news for vendors and leads to our next point…

Rising Prices

In the March quarter, house prices in metro Melbourne reached the $1 million mark for the first time, rising 8.8 percent from the previous quarter to $1,004,500.

Want to know what you might get if you were to sell your property?

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These three factors create something of a perfect storm for those selling properties. Whilst it’s not uncommon to see one or two of these factors at play, to see all occurring at once means the second half of 2021 could be the perfect time to cash in on your asset!

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